This Monday I’m really missing JERSEY, the Atlantic, 34th street…and all the people who inhabit it!!!

Nans, Pop, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Lou, Aunt Debbie 2, Joe and Eve Bad… #missyouthismonday!!!

Looking forward to making some memories with you and soaking in every last bit of summer that’s left in the JERZ!!! Thanks for following along with me and my adventures in Europe…and for keeping P&G sane throughout it!!!

I am forever appreciative of all of your kind and generous L O V E/S U P P O R T. See all your beautiful smiles and faces in TEN days!!!




This weekend Emily and I traveled to Marbella for some unusual relaxing time by the pool, cava, and lots and lots of SUN !!! We had an unexpectedly smooth traveling experience (unlike our previous traveling weekend) so once we arrived to the Malaga airport Friday night we were READY TO GO!!!

With our usual busy schedules we aren’t typically used to relaxing by the pool for a long period of time and simply doing nothing…so this weekend was pretty enjoyable to say the least. Marbella is the most southern strip of Spain that mainly attracts tourists due to its beautiful weather and climate. Our favorite part was our close proximity to the mountains AND to the sea. No matter where we stood there was a high chance we could see both the extraordinary mountains and the clear blue seas. Our resort was surrounded with beautiful exotic flowers and tons of frog families that made a lot of noise throughout the night. Our dinner spot on the beach had a beautiful picturesque view of the sunset and a slight view and outline of North Africa. It was an unbelievable and breathtaking sight…almost as perfect as the Jersey Shore sunsets!!!!




You’re up 1105!!!!! Katie, Ryan and Charlie…I miss you lots humans and non human!!

Thanks for being awake at abnormal hours of the day so we can text, FaceTime, and send pics, hugs and kisses. I can’t wait to binge watch The Bachelorette and Chrisley Know’s Best with you while eating cheesy nachos and cuddling.

I can never express how much I appreciate your constant love and support and for always providing me with laughter, food, a bed, flyers tickets, sports news, gossip, and a perfect, handsome, snuggly PUPPY!!!

Thanks for being a blessing 24/7, no matter the state, country, continent, or time zone.(SEA) you on the beach in 17 days!!! Sending you a New Jersey sized squeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!

#missyouthismonday boo crew!!!!

my new blue suitcase

Being a girl, lover of fashion, and a Spirit, over packing is a part of my DNA. Coming to Barcelona, I was unaware of the weather and temperature, daily activities I would be doing, or the night life attire…so of course I had to pack many options!!!! My many options led my suitcase to be nine pounds overweight and left me with two options: pay the “HEAVY” fee of $100 or shove nine pounds of jeans, boots, sneakers, and/or shirts into my carry on duffle bag. Being that I was looking forward and planning on buying many clothes, souvenirs, food and drinks in the future I was not willing to spend any unnecessary money…so in the duffle bag nine pounds went. As I struggled lugging the duffle bag around the airport, from gate to gate and on the plane, I regretted each pound. The same story occurred when Emily and I traveled to Mallorca last weekend, and of course, I packed a little too much. Delayed flights, gate switches, on and off the plane, walking to find taxis, everything we did, everywhere we went, I had to lug around my duffle bag of many, many pounds over my shoulder, creating an awkward and uncomfortable twinge in my neck and back. Successful entrepreneurs have taught me that “the art of the start” is to think differently and right the wrong, in essence, create a solution, sense of convenience, and meaning for people’s lives. American Airlines baggage services suggest that a smaller suitcase can be checked for a slim amount of $40, so that seems to be my best solution…wouldn’t you think??!! There is a “Basar Market” right around the corner from our apartment that has many suitcases of shapes, sizes, and colors, for around 30-40 euros. My plan was to purchase a size regulated suitcase for carry on purposes for my final weekend trip to Marbella next weekend, short trip to London and final trek home to the states. But, as the group and I were on our way home from a little Mexican lunch and downtown sidewalk shopping today I happened to notice a small hard blue suitcase laying aside a dumpster. “Hey Kar, there’s a good suitcase for ya!” Kristen said as we passed it and simply chucked. But then I realized, wait…that is a good suitcase!!!! I went back and checked out its conditions… wheels, exterior, interior, working zippers. It even still had a travel tag on it (sorry passenger that flew from Athens to Barcelona four days ago). And so I did it. I picked up the small hard blue suitcase laying aside the dumpster and wheeled it all the way home, and made it mine.


new edition: #missyouthismonday

Yesterday after my run I was spending some quiet time next to the big blue and was thinking about how truly grateful I am to have such amazingly beautiful people, hearts, and souls in my life… and that needs to be celebrated !!!! So to do that, every Monday I am going to post a #missyouthismonday blog post to someone I miss.

Up first is the most beautiful duo of all… MOM and DAD !!!!m&dOn this Monday (and every Monday) I want to thank you for giving me the world and allowing me to SEE THE WORLD and all the incredible things it has to offer. I am so blessed that someone thought I was deserving of a love like yours. I can’t wait to squeeze you both in three short weeks but can’t wait to squeeze the beauty out of Europe first!!

#missyouthismonday 411!!! Love you G&P !!!!

palm(a) trees and an ocean breeze: Mallorca!!

This weekend Emily and I traveled to Palma, Mallorca for a weekend filled with delayed flights, our toes in the sand, and mojitOOOOHHHHs!!! Despite our rocky start to a 5 hour delay followed by a simple 30 minute flight, we finally arrived in Mallorca and got our weekend started. Actually, by the time we finally arrived at our AirBnB we were too exhausted to do anything and went to sleep. So, Saturday we woke up and GOT OUR WEEKEND STARTED! We spent most of our day wandering around the southern part of the island, taking in its beauty and quaint streets and stores. Our wandering and exploring then luckily led us to the Palma Cathedral. There was no need to pull out a map or GPS to find the landmark as the cathedral is huge. People…It. Is. Huge. It is even too big to compete with Emily and I’s long legs, while we had to take an awkwardly uncomfortable weird selfie from the ground of us and the “La Seu” to document the moment. The cathedral is said to be 121 meters long, 55 meters wide and 44 meters tall. To our surprise, we learned that fifty years after a restoration of the cathedral had started, Antoni Gaudi was invited to take over the large project.  The remainder of our day we spent sipping on some mojitos and reading some magazines on the beach (rough life, I know). Later that night, we took on the Mallorca night life and experienced a few bars and clubs, one being named “Tito’s” (@paulspirit). The night life on the island was extremely unique to say the least, but Emily and I made some comical memories. Following our morning run on Sunday, we picked up some empanadas and chocolate croissants and made our way to the beach for our last few hours of Mallorca sand before we had to head to the airport. This weekend was definitely “one for the books” and “one for the blog”. It was exciting to see the beautiful island of Mallorca and experience a different part of Spain this weekend, but we are both looking forward to returning to our little home and friends in Barcelona!! That is, if our flights “air traffic restrictions” ever become solved. Thanks for quite an unforgettable weekend, Mallorca. Your Nutella filled croissants, delicious mojitos, and fun little town will be missed!!!

it’s…..DESIGN WEEK !!

The week we have all been waiting for…design week! Barcelona’s design week is June 2nd-12th and presents over 70 activities, including conferences, presentations, tours, round tables, networking opportunities, excursions, and exhibitions.

This past Friday, we visited a jewelry exhibition at Habit, a store located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. The pieces within the exhibition were designed and constructed by Miguel Barbera and some of which were featured in the movie “Stella Cadente”, winner of the 2016 Guadi Awards for best costume design. Stella Cadente stars Alex Brendemuhl and Barbara Lennie and digs into the life of a king who rules an ungovernable Spain and is then transpired into a cry for beauty and joy.

Although Miguel was not in the store at the time, we were able to browse around at the spectacular and extraordinary pieces and get a few words of information from Miguel’s assistant.

The exhibition was beautifully constructed and decorated, with the pieces displayed in numerous unique ways. We were freely able to look at and try on any of the pieces that were available, which I thought was pretty cool for the prestige and reputation the pieces within the store had.

The structure, shape, design, color and intricate specifics of each piece was truly admirable. The exhibition was just one of many activities happening this week for design week, and I am looking forward to experiencing more and taking in everything the week has to offer!!

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